Eepohs is an e-commerce software integrator specialised in the Magento platform!

We provide Magento technical expertise, development
and support services to other Magento Solution Partners,
online marketing agencies, and large companies with in-house e-commerce teams.

More than 150,000 choose Magento

About Us

Eepohs is differentiated by exceptionally strong project management and technical capabilities. Our team includes Magento Certified Developers with extensive experience and over the last 3 years we have deployed more than 30 Magento Community and Enterprise Edition solutions in Europe and USA.

Our competitive advantage is the ability to recruit, train, and effectively manage a large number of Magento specialists in Estonia - a country known for its remarkably high technical competency and fully westernized business culture. This has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing Magento developers in Europe.

We speak English, German, Russian, and Estonian.

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